About Me

Cesar Jaime is a Improvisor, Actor, and Teacher in Chicago with over 15 years of experience in the field of Improvisation. In that time span Cesar has performed with The Second City, The Playground Theater, The Nobel Fool Theater, The UCB Theater (L.A.), and with the world renowned iO Theater (Chicago and Los Angeles). He can currently be seen playing at the iO Theater in Chicago with the teams “Felt”, “Heraldo”, “Smokin’ Hot Dad”,  and with iO’s longest running show, “The Armando Diaz Experience and Hootenanny”.

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Along with teaching Improvisation for the stage at iO Chicago, Cesar also teaches corporate workshops around the country with ‘Business Improvisations‘. With ‘Business Improvisations’, Cesar teaches dynamic management classes at Columbia University, UCLA, and the Duke Fuque School of Business.